Storm Damage

Fixing Storm Damaged Roofs in Northwest Arkansas

If you live in Northwest Arkansas then you understand when we say that you need to be able to withstand all sorts of strange weather. Storm damage can quickly do a number on your home, and there are certain parts—such as the roof—where the damage cannot and should not go unrepaired. When your home has suffered damage following a storm, contact your insurance company and call on Peace of Mind Roofing and Home Improvement to get a jump on the repairs.

Getting Back to Normal

Part of getting back to normal following a serious storm is getting your home repaired the right way. Your home is strong, but it takes surprisingly little to cause serious damage. Once the wind reaches 50 miles per hour, shingles are at risk of flying off. Falling trees and branches, as well as debris whipped around by strong winds, can cause damage to siding for anyone in the Northwest Arkansas area, in addition to putting holes in your roof. While it can be tempting to call for help in the middle of a storm, keep in mind that insurance companies and roofers will not be able to come to your home for an inspection until after the storm passes. Stay calm, stay safe, and do what you need to until a professional can come.

Trust Peace of Mind Roofing

Peace of Mind Roofing and Home Improvement can work with your insurance company to provide the repairs you need following any storm damage to your roof. You will want to watch out for storm chasers, or people who ride around and try to take advantage of families who have suffered property damage after a storm. Some storm chasers are ethical and do a good job with your roof, but all storm chasers leave town after the majority of the storm damage is repaired, leaving no local presence to service any warranty items that arise. Talking with your insurance company is one of the best things you can do, as well as consulting with a licensed roofing contractor in the Northwest Arkansas area, like Peace of Mind Roofing and Home Improvement. Don’t become the victim of a scam.

Don’t Wait

After the storm has passed, it’s important that you take action quickly to get your home back in prime condition. If your roof is leaking, please call us immediately for a temporary fix. The insurance company will pay for the emergency fix if storm damage is the cause. They will instruct you to affect repairs necessary to prevent further damage, such as tarping the roof. For more information regarding our storm damage services in or around Northwest, AR, call Peace of Mind Roofing at 479-409-1492, or you can fill out our online request form.